It is important, under any circumstances, that you secure your User ID and note it down, as we will ask for it in the case that you contact us for any account related problems. If you cannot provide your User ID, we might not be able to help you in the case of an account loss.

You can find your User ID in-game in the settings screen.
  • Do not share your User ID publicly unless it is explicitly necessary!
  • Do not post screenshots with explicit account details on public websites!
  • Do not give your cloudsave credentials to others!

Don't believe any hack or cheat sites!
There are several fake sites on the internet that try and trick you by offering false promises of tools that give you free currencies, resources, or other benefits in the game. These tools are considered malware, as they attempt to steal data from your device and/or game account if you should choose to install them. They also pose a security threat for your device.
Furthermore, and as by our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to terminate your account and block you from our services, if we identify that your game was not downloaded through an official channel (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).